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    Define Chemistry in Relationships

    Happiness. If you have chemistry with someone, I like to think it means your happy with them. That's all that really matters
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    Battlefield 1942's 10 year anniversary.

    I remember all those good times using Titan mode....oh wait. Wrong game... 1942 was amazing simply because it was where I met one of my best friends. By shooting him in the head. Nothing starts off a friendship better.
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    Best new IP of this generation?

    Bioshock easily. Those are the kinds of games that years from now people will regard as classics. Especially Infinite, judging from the loos of it.
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    How can gamers be made to fear ingame death?

    WHAT. THE. FUCK. That was just terrifying. I mean, I remember playing Dead space, and I don't even recall having seen the gruesome sight... Good lord man. Why can't all games be like that.
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    Video Game Purgatory (Or Video Game Intros that just don't f*cking end)

    Oh god, I loved Skyrim with every fiber of my soul but that intro was just atrocious. Sitting in a carriage for 5 minutes while your listening to a man drabble on should not be as boring as they made it out to be. My personal favorite is in Super Mario Sunshine. And by favorite I mean worst...
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    What is the hardest challenge that you've ever set yourself in a videogame?

    Tried to go through all of Saints Row 3 just dick punching people. Worked until I got to a brute. Wanted to be uber l33t pro and get 1000 combo in GoW3....Yea that was dumb. Uhm. Thought I could play an entire games life span (I believe it was MW2) only using pistols. Wanted to...
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    Your Dream Game (that will never get made)

    Something like what the Tron Legacy game had, only strictly multiplayer and frankly made more fun. The ability to spin kick off a wall into a flip and then throw your light disc at someone for the finishing kill would be surreal kinds of badass...
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    The worst of the worst.

    I'm sorry, WHAT!?!?! This coming from one of the few guys who throughly enjoyed Too Human, I understand most peoples gripes about it. Yes, it got repetitive. And yes, the story was completely horse crud. The setting and the concept however, were truly astounding. Combining the Norse gods...
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    Monsters of Classic Mythology, Your Ideal Look For One

    ERMAH GERD I LUV AL1 TEH UNICORNZ WIT TTEH HORN$ AND SHTUFF :DDDDDDDD Nah. Nessy, *****. That's right. Although, come on, let's face it.... We all know the Loch Ness monster really exists...
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    Why was this song a huge hit, rather than that one?

    In regards to Fun. I prefer the intro to some nights. The actual song starts at 0;52, but it is truly a wonderful masterpiece. In regards to the actual topic however, I can't really comment, seeing as my music choice usually consists of one song by one band, and then another song by...
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    Poll: Things we can all agree on.

    I have actually done scientific theories on how putting cheese on practically every solid food makes it instantly better. It is the universal "topping" one might say. This by the way is utter genius and fact. Much like my cheese theory.
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    Music suggestions

    Song choice for this whole video made me love it Tried to get some variety. Might post more later
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    Games that woud be perfect for a movie

    Certain games inspire certain feelings. Some we play to simply blow things up, inspiring simple and blissful glee. Others however, make the gamer think. Make him lose his mind in a game to the point where he becomes so attached that it is more important than his own life...Course maybe that's...
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    Who is your favorite background character?

    Essentially every marine in Halo 3. Especially with the IWHBYD skull on. Their dialogue, is quite entertaining.
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    Poll: Mario Gets a Sex Change

    Heh. Personally I wouldn't mind it. The Mario games could always use a change up. Playing as only red and green for the past 20 years or so tends to get quite monotonous. Now we can be red, only frilly