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    Your 5 Must-Buy games 2011

    Skyrim Dark Souls - Didn't know this was on Xbox till yesterday and now I'm pumped. Super Mario Bros. 3D Deus Ex: Human Revolution Batman: Arkham City
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    your geek-ringtone

    This for when someone calls and this for when I get a text.
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    You are the last human on Earth. What now?

    Play video games and do all the drugs. I mean why not? No one there to tell me I can't and its not like I need to pay for them. Other than that, watch a lot of movies, read, and just fuck around. Basically a open world game IRL. Also start a daily journal. Less for if someone or something...
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    Did Twilight really suck that much?

    Now while I can't say anything for the rest of the series the first book was just badly written. I'm sure that in the right hands it could have been something more, but Bella was about interesting as a dead cat. It really sucks too because I love me some good vampire lore but with this I have to...
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    What's your favourite music to kick ass to?

    Did you mean kick ass? Anyway heavy metal or rock music always does it for me.
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    Persona 4 Vita and Persona 4 Fighter

    Shoot, Vitas not even out and now I really want it. Kinda wished I waited for the 3DS price drop. 20 free games be damned!
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    PS3 owners- What are the benefits of a PS3?

    I've been thinking of selling my 360 to buy a PS3 as well. I just can't really stand Microsoft anymore. Don't get me wrong I loved it, but I realized that you should not have to pay for what others get for free. Also PS3 exclusives make me want one right now.
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    Cats are so stupid...

    This. I really can't stand dogs. At the best of times, if clam and quite, I don't mind. But if its 3 o' fucking clock in the morning I have to get up at 6 the next day I don't need you barking up a goddamn storm just because the neighbors never sleep. /endrant Cats, even if you get a little...
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    Can anyone recommend me an Anime?

    As everyone else has said before please, please watch Clannad. It is the best anime I think I've ever seen. And yes the After Story will make you cry, its just so good.
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    The Story of your Avatar

    Every heard of a game for the DS called Contact? No? Shame on you! It was amazing and funny as hell. My avatar is a guy named The Professor from that game. Plus just look at him! All 8-bit and such!
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    Okay guys we need some happiness.

    David Hasselhoff singing? Yes please. Also this is silly but awesome. Also this for the extra darning.
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    Have you left WoW and if so why.

    The game is now a snore fest. Cataclysm was going to change so many things and while it did, most were not for the better. PvP is a unbalanced mess that keeps spilling over into my PvE, and I'm sorry but two remade dungeons do not make a good patch. Also I should not have to pay to go to my...
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    Need to vent? Here's the place.

    Also this. It gets kinda depressing when all your friends are dating and your always the third wheel. Don't get me wrong I don't want to date just for the sake of dating, but it would be nice for awhile at least.
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    Need to vent? Here's the place.

    Screw pointless school starting in 2 weeks. Screw my Ex dating my best friend and making everything way to awkward. Screw the way we broke up and the downward spiral I'm still in. Screw having the munchies at 1 A.M. Screw it still being hot as balls outside. Screw not having a...
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    You have to get a game related tatoo...

    I'd like to get Jack's wrist tattoos from BioShock. Or maybe a Portal related tattoo. Like the Aperture Science logo or a orange and blue portal somewhere on my body.