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    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Episode 21: "Ragtag" Recap

    I kinda like the idea that Skye is......Moondragon. G.O.T.G. is just around the corner and all. I could see her being Drax's kid. I know it's more likely she's a Kree or Inhuman but it would be a cool tie in.
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    Robocop Remake Trailer Hits the Streets

    NOPE!!!!! That looks freaking terrible. Makes me think of that crappy 90's tv show Super force. Robocop even looks to have special motorcycle like on that show. sigh.
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    Petition to Free Jailed League of Legends Player Reaches 100,000 Sigs

    I'm so glad I went to Iraq so we could enjoy freedoms like speech and shit. le sigh.
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    No Right Answer: 90's Cartoon Most Deserving a Reboot

    Gargoyles Had it all man. Like the man said Ninja Turtles meets Batman TAS. Plus all the literary references such as Macbeth, and King Arthur made it extra bacon awesome. Of course all those reasons are extraneous because....Keith effing David!!
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    Okay it's official: I fucking HATE "Old World Blues"

    I don't remember anything being that hard to kill except that damn legendary bloatfly. Can you say op as hell? Everything else died pretty quickly, but then again I was using the holorifle which is pretty damn op itself. The only thing that grated on my nerves were the repetitive canned...
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    Metro: Post Apocalyptic Warfare

    Man alive! I love lil troll link! I'm jealous, all my inner criticism manifests in my talking black pug.
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    I Wrote That Crap!

    I'm sure Uwe Boll could make that happen. And the sad part is I'd watch that shit so hard!
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    Return to Morrowind With New Skyrim: Dragonborn Screenshots

    I for one am stoked to see a dragon fighting a bull netch. Omg the Racerborn just imagine that for a sec eh?
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    How many hours have you devoted to Skyrim?

    Honestly too many hours. I have a bit of completionist ocd when it comes to games ,so skyrim is my worst enemy. There's nothing like putting in a crapload of hours only to get a quest that I can't complete due to any number of buggy reasons.
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    New York Museum Boasts 2,000-Year-Old Ancient Egyptian d20

    Must plan museum heist now.
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    Players Have Spent 12,000 Years in Borderlands 2

    I've clocked in a crapload of time on this game, and have only co-op'd like once. This game is the tits! My only complaint so far is Demongs. Those damn things make the end boss look like a pussy. Okay that's not really a complaint, more of an annoyed observation.
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    Space Janitors: Deck Crew: Tools

    These are not the crew members I was looking for.....still decent though.
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    First Batch of Skyrim DLC to Hit Xbox This Summer

    Two words. Vampiric Falmer. Da Horror. Da horror.
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    Escape to the Movies: Raven

    Cage as Poe? I guess I'd pay a dollar to see that. It would have been better than Cusack for sure. They should have cast David Bowie though. I love me some Paltrow. Good day sir.
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    The Big Picture: Future Assembly

    inb4 the ark is revealed to be from space aliens. That's the kinda backfire we could get from crossovers.