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    How Would You Kill Wolverine?

    Well...his regeneration has different speeds through the comics(surviving an atom bomb right next to it? Wot)I would prolly get tons of tranquilizers then cut his head off.
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    What's the worst Movie you ever saw?

    Flyin' Ryan nuff said.
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    Are you actually good at gaming?

    I pick up the games quickly enough. I usually get better if I spent A LOT of time with it, but usually okay at games.
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    Are you comfortable around people of the opposite sex?

    I'm pretty socially awkward in the first place, and I just don't know what to talk about with girls.
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    To all those who have played Dead Island.

    What do you think of it? My friend and I are thinking about picking it up but we aren't sure yet. Any thoughts or opinions on it?
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    Persona 4 + 5 News Discussion

    Anything relating to some new SMT stuff is always good news to me. When I heard about the fighting game though it was kinda meh, then I heard it was being developed by Arc Systems. HELL YEAH!!
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    Poll: Which Anime Character would win- Alucard(Hellsing), Dante(Devil May Cry), or Sebastion(Black Butler)

    Alucard. If you go by Hellsings original story(manga) then you know he can't technically die, and well...He could just consume Sebastian and Dante...
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    Things that instantly kill your interest in a game

    A bad soundtrack/voice acting, terrible gameplay, and horrible story. I can usually say meh to everything else but if these things are bad in a game...
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    The game that took your frustration virginity

    Ninja Gaiden was the first. After that though was I Wanna Be The Guy and Silver Surfer...
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    Poll: Thinking of Leaving My GF of Three Years

    I read the paragraph with "sick of my woman" and was automatically like, "Dude, you frikkin' know your answer already. Why the hell you posting on here?" (Naw j/k). If I might add that this scenario sounds a lot like Catherine...JUST SAYING.
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    Have you ever.

    When something really rage worthy happens I just UUUUUUAAARGH. Otherwise I just go meh who cares.
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    It's the apocalypse, and the protagonist from the game you last played is your teammate.

    Just replayed Deus Ex(Deus Ex:HR omg) so JC Denton... I think I'll do just fine.
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    What's physically wrong with YOU?

    Haven't exercised regularly in like a month or two. Feeling pretty...ugh.
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    You Don't Exist if You're Not on a Social Network

    Teen girls is all I needed to see. I could care less what a "teen girl" who likes justin bieber and etc. Hopefully they'll grow up and not be dumbasses
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    Poll: Futurama or Simpsons?

    Futurama. I've seen more of Futurama than the Simpsons and =P