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    London 2056 - A CyberPunk RP [Interest thread] (Apply via PM from now on please)

    I shall make a sheet in the morning, don't feel like typing this out at 5 am with my phone.
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    Games you play the villain

    Mafia 2. You play as you guessed it, a mafia foot soldier in the '50s trying to rise through the ranks. One of the prolouge missions is the nefarious act of stealing ration stamps during WW2, so you're pretty much a aweful person.
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    Been thinking about creating an alien monster hunting rp

    I was in a Aliens RP a whle ago where we played as space marines, I like the sound of this. I will definetly be interested in this if and when it gets off the ground. Bookmarking for now as its late.
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    So, how's everyone enjoying Battlefield 4?

    I'm playng on Xbox One and I can't play more than a few games without a crash, I can't use the server browser. It shows games to join but they are all empty, and finally hwne i go to quick match and select conquest i get put into Team Death Match all the time... otherwise the game is fun
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    Survivor 2299...Fallout or not? Video included!

    22 year gap from the end of fallout 3 and 19 years after New Vegas. Just imagine what they could do with this time gap, new tech, we could see the expansion of the east coast brotherhood even farther, or even see if the Enclave Remnants ever did anything on the east coast. I personally like the gap.
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    Poll: Star Wars rp idea

    if Bounty Hunting is a option I will be in.
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    A quick Steam item question.

    Hello mates its been quite a while since I've lurked the forums. I was wondering if you could help me with a question I have about unlocking TF2 items from steam purchases. I bought the Total War master collection last night cause my friend wanted and I was hoping that I would get the TF2 items...
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    Ever had a nickname?

    in the coarse of my school and sorts career I had Big Al (Im a big dude and my name is Alex) White Castle (Football and Wrestling coach just started calling me this and it stuck) Crave Case (most common thing i was called in high school. Started in football and that what...
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    Mall Fight RP: (CLOSED) (FINISHED)

    "Ladies and gentlemen I am back... The fuck happened here?" "And where is my M-60?" he says looking around as he grabs a Kukri from a blade store. and heads off towards the food court
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    Poll: New Vegas: which faction did you chose?

    Independent of NCR Mr. House is a dick, and I hate the legion
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    Realisticaly: who would you be?

    Random car driver #3. I just drive in loops the whole time and get stepped on my the giant robots
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    I need song for a Macbeth soundtrack!

    Howdy everyone. I read Macbeth in English class and I have to make a CD of music that will go along with the scences of Macbeth. And why the songs work. Any songs you guys can think of because I'm stumped? And what scenes do they go with.
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    Resident Evil 2 - Tofu

    Can you post a video? I honestly have no idea what you are talking about...
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    Does Anyone here Watch Sons of Anarchy?

    Season 4 ended 3 monthes ago.